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I went to up into the hills and mountains of the Lake District this weekend and wanted to take my camera. But could I find it? NO - Grrr!

I had a Pentax Optio H90 which I bought from Duty Free on my way to Canada last summer. I'd got a good deal on it and the specs were a reasonable 12MP with 3x Optical Zoom and 720i HD movie mode as well. I actually got a Canon EOS 550D D-SLR at the same time but I returned that as I wasn't sure I could justify the huge expense for the snazzy piece of kit that it is.

What annoyed me most was that this was a brand new camera which I'd actually bought for my sister but could use whenever I wanted to as well. Since she couldn't find it the last several times I asked to use it I thought I'd bite the bullet and just get another one.

So, just before heading off on a 650 mile round trip I made a quick stop at Currys to see if I could get something reasonably cheap.

I ended up getting a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS10; 12MP with 5x Optical Zoom and HD Movie mode, all for about the same price as the one I bought less than a year ago. I was expecting to get at least a *little* more for the same amount of money but I guess I was wrong - unless you consider the slight difference in the zoom.

I don't think I'm overly excited with the specs on the new camera, particularly as they're the same as the camera I had before, and I think I'm going to get a D-SLR next time I got through duty free; in June en route to the Prague Quadrennial or possibly in July as I'm likely to have to be going abroad again then too.

I tend not to like Sony as a brand but my girlfriends 14MP CyberShot, which I recently took apart to fix, is a pretty neat toy. She thinks I'm a "techie geek" which I suppose I prefer to being seen as a nerd. IDK. As far as Laptops go, Sony has the most complex way of taking their machines apart - followed closely by Toshiba.


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